Vet says he was defending home with

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Vet says he was defending home with
VERONA, Ky. — A 92-year-old farmer and World War II veteran who fatally shot an intruder in his Kentucky home said in an interview that he had no fear of the man and aimed “right for his heart.” Earl Jones said he shot a man who came up the …

Democrats Have (Nominally) Changed Their Tune on Gun Rights
And so it’s interesting to track changes in tone and content over the years. For instance, to compare the Democratic platform’s treatment of

2 killed in
SYCAMORE, Ill. (AP) — Authorities in northern Illinois say two people are dead after a

Democratic Platform 2012: Pro-Gay Marriage, Weak On Guns, And Completely Silent On Civil Liberties
The 2012 platform, while endorsing the “reasonable regulation” of

One person was killed and another critically injured when a masked gunman opened fire Tuesday at a Parti Quebecois victory rally for Quebec’s incoming Premier, separatist Pauline Marois. Marois, who is set to be Quebec’s first ever female …

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