Interesting Point. Maker, City, State, Model # and

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Interesting Point. Maker, City, State, Model # and
serial # is found on guns of recent manufacturing. My point is, M16A2 is not found on a 9mm receiver…

Ammunition and Handloading – Sniper Country
Ammunition and Handloading No matter how accurate your rifle is, it will not perform to its full capabilities without proper ammunition. Indeed, some say accuracy can …

Android phone names vs. Condom names
Via: The Intercom Blog

Via: The Intercom Blog

“I’ve had far better sex while in jail” – traditional Irish pillow talk.

Abbott AbbVie Naming Process, Behind The Scenes Video
Abby Normal Young Frankenstein —

Compendium of Terminology – Sniper Country
A compendium of terminology for mainly rifles, and related shooting topics.

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