Better Is Banned

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Better Is Banned
Two years ago, for example, they came out with a 40 round magazine for

I struggle to fit into my size 10 jeans
ALL my friends are skinny and I long to look like them. I’

Training – Sniper Country
On-Line Sniper Training As a service to its readers and for instructional purposes only, Sniper Country provides on-line adjuncts to sniper/countersniper training.

New video shows more grisly details of face-eating attack in Miami
And he growled.” At about 2:11 p.

Shot U.S. lawmaker’s aide wins Arizona election
That bruising campaign was occasionally off-color, such as when Kelly invited supporters to shoot a loaded

Talkin’ to America: Charles Heller speaks about “Project GunWalker”
Charles Heller, on his Liberty Watch Radio talks about his analysis of BATFE’s “Operation Fast & Furious,” which has turned into “Project GunWalker,” supplying guns used in Mexico to murder, including one U.S. Agent, and probably there’ll be another.

Astros choose Carlos Correa with the No. 1 draft pick
15. Cleveland Indians: Tyler Naquin (OF, Texas A&

Talkin’ to America: Charles Heller speaks on Radio KCAA, California
Kevin Shannon on KCAA out of California talks to Charles Heller, Executive Director of JPFO, who discusses the new frontiers of JPFO, constitutional carry in Arizona and how it came about, and his status as a political refugee from Mayor Daley’s gun ban.

Basic Markmanship – Sniper Country
Introduction If you can hit what you normally shoot at, with relative certainty, that may be good enough for you. I however, have strived over many years to develop …

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